Crown Control Systems Limited


Crown Control Systems software engineers were extensively involved in the Land Rover T5 body shop project from initial concepts until full Production and final buy-off. Crown Control Systems were awarded contracts to write the software for the tailgate zone and manual fixtures for the Door manufacturing zones. In addition, Crown provided T5 software specification training for third party software engineers.


Once the contracts had been successfully completed, Crown’s engineers provided assistance and consultancy services in other areas of the body shop. Crown was also given the responsibility of ensuring that all vendor software complied with T5 standards. Any discrepancies were corrected by either the responsible company or, with Land Rover’s permission, by Crown’s engineers. As the body shop production levels increased, a Crown engineer was recruited to a cycle time reduction team.


This work involved implementing cycle time reduction opportunities identified by Land Rover without causing disruptions to the production lines. On completion of this phase of the project, the Crown engineer was retained as a consultant/trainer for the Maintenance Department.