Crown Control Systems Limited


A significant number (15 up to the start of 2001) of Jetter Process PLCs have been installed by Crown Control Systems Ltd in Jaguar’s press shop at Halewood.

The installations have proven to be an outstanding success, and in the interests of learning what the processors are capable of for future projects and maintaining the existing systems, Jaguar requested a training course proposal from Crown.


Crown assessed the training requirements and concluded that a two day course would be sufficient. Crown proposed that their portable test rig should be used to enable delegates to download and test the programs they developed.

Twelve electricians required training, Crown proposed that they were trained in three groups of four. The proposal was accepted by Jaguar and a training course was ordered.

The first day of the course covered the fundamentals of the Process PLC with practical exercises to illustrate the points. The second day consisted of a more advanced programming application, a study of the applications in Halewood and a session on the machines to observe how they are used in practice.


The course was very well received and has resulted in many more applications for the processor being identified.