Crown Control Systems Limited


Due to an unreliable clamping system, Jaguar cars were reporting metal scrappage in excess of £20,000 per month from their main de-coiling and blanking machine.

In conjunction with Hedley Hydraulics of Huddersfield, Crown were asked to provide a proposal to solve the problem. The proposal developed involved measuring the coil diameter with an ultrasonic detector, and gradually reducing the hydraulic clamping pressure as the coil was peeled off.


Crown proposed using a Jetter Process PLC with a Siemens ultrasonic detector. The proposal was accepted and the contract duly awarded. Crown carried out the electrical hardware and software design, electrical installation and commissioning. An operator interface panel was supplied to allow the mandrel pressure to be trimmed if necessary. The system was ready to operate after the Summer Shutdown in 2000.


Since the installation was completed a scrap reduction of 60% has been reported and documented with a Project Return on Investment (ROI) in less than three months.