Crown Control Systems Limited


Comau Estil Systems Limited installed trial cells to Jaguar’ existing production line at Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. The trials were to ascertain the feasibility of rivetting aluminium panels together in anticipation of a new Jaguar model made primarily of aluminium.

Crown’s software engineers were hired for the project for their specialist knowledge of the IPC 620-30 processor and their thorough understanding of the Jaguar software specification.


Due to a requirement to avoid interruption of car production, the project was carried out over a series of evenings and weekends towards the end of 1999. The new cells were seamlessly integrated into the existing Production facility with exceptionally minimal disruption to the Production lines.


The conclusion was that aluminium riveting is feasible, although further work must be done to the rivet guns to allow better panel access and prevent the gun from jamming if a new rivet is accidentally applied to an existing one.