Crown Control Systems Limited


Crown Control Systems were awarded a contract to design and commission a software control system for a machine designed and manufactured by Denley Hydraulics Ltd, Bradford.

The machine was designed to rotate an aircraft wing so that structural rivets could be applied. The eventual customer was British Aerospace at Prestwick, near Glasgow. Due to the length of the wing and it’s tendency to flex, it was vitally important that the three support cradles were completed synchronised during rotation.


The main electrical contractor, Jetter UK, had specified and installed the control system hardware. Crown Control Systems Ltd developed and supplied a detailed flow chart illustrating the proposed control solution. This involved creating a virtual movement profile and configuring the three axes as followers. Position feedback was used to trim the individual axes to ensure that they maintained synchronicity.


Once the proposal had been approved, Crown developed the software solution on a test rig at the company offices. When the machine was ready, Crown visited the company site at Bradford to commission the control system. The customer was trained to a sufficient level to allow the final commissioning at Prestwick to be carried out without any further involvement from Crown Control Systems.