Crown Control Systems Limited


Crown Control Systems have developed an automatic counterbalance system to balance the load on a press as it strikes a component. An air reservoir is used to provide a cushion effect.

As the press slide lowers, the air is compressed. After striking the component the compression helps the slide to raise.


It is important that the counterbalance pressure is set so that the press motor workload is balanced. The pressure setting is derived from tool setting figures based on the weight of the die. These figures are entered into a Jetter Process PLC using an Operator interface display. An IFM analogue pressure sensor is used to measure the actual pressure in the chamber.

Valves are operated to automatically adjust the pressure to the desired value. Individual values for each press die are stored and recalled each time the die is used.


Each press in a press line has it’s own Jetter PLC installed. The PLC’s are networked so that die information can be transmitted down the press line. The system can be configured for a maximum of seven presses, any of which can be single or double action. To date three press lines have been installed, and it is envisaged that the whole press shop will be converted to automatic counterbalance.